Welcome to the 2nd edition of our Music Monday 2017! This week I’m bringing you 2 rising artists, 1 duo and 1 band who have dropped listenworthy music that you cannot sleep on.

The first music pick was a fairly easy one, I ran into “Pink Cadillac” by Alternative pop singer, Mags Duval on a recommendation playlist found on one of my music streaming mobile apps. The song is a feisty pop fantasy anthem that will have you addicted at the first listen. Nashville based Mags Duval demands your attention with her melodic singing in the track’s call and response song format. The lyrics are clever and full with “in your face”confidence backed by an undeniable catchy song production that makes Duval’s sweet vocals shine. The artist that goes by Mags Duval is bringing her charming spunky energy to the music industry that will surely leave the rest of the world amoured with her sparkling music.

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The next band had their newest single showing up all over my social media feeds since last year. I remember it was new years day and I was looking for new music and Zola Blood appeared. Once I gave “Islands” a listen I immediately started researching who this band was. UK based Zola Blood, this four piece band, have been releasing music for a few years now. Late last year, they released the magnificent new single “Islands” from their upcoming debut LP Infinite Games. The track is mesmerizing from the first note. It really takes you to another world where it’s you and the beautiful soulful vocals backed with a romantic dream like song production. Zola Blood brings their colorful storytelling talents and amazing musical ambitions to the masses in their own intriguing way that undoubtedly captured my attention and will soon capture yours too.

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LA based Alternative Pop singer-songwriter, Denny White is one of those singers who can be called a ‘Perfect Artist.’ Why you may ask? White has the flawless emotional vocals with bluesy notes to his vocal range. He has immense songwriting talents and slick song productions and is the perfect multitalented package and hearing his latest single, “Traces” proves me right. “Traces” is unforgettable and catchy love song that when listened to in full, makes you realize how brilliant the song really is. If you ask me what sets White apart from all the other up and coming artists, I would tell you that one listen to his music will convince you White might be a ‘perfect artist” to market but what really sets him apart is he knows how to use his talents in creating music that you will leave you wanting to hear more with each listen.

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The new year has brought a lot of good music but there has been a few songs that I have not been able to stop listening to for these past few weeks. One of those tracks is from Dropout aLos Angeles Based Electronic Music Duo. Dropout released their mavelously sensual single, “Handcrafted” at the top of the new year and it is genius. If you are familiar with their past singles, this song is a clear departure of their usual dance music sound. The new track features lovely guitar playing reminiscent of a laid back flamenco which puts the chilled out but sexy vocals in the spotlight and crafts the perfect passionate atmosphere for a romantic night with your significant other. If this is any indication of the experimental capabilities this talented duo possesses, I cannot wait to witness what other future music surprises Dropout has to offer.

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Lastly, Check out this month’s music picks below, The January music playlist has a colorful variation of artists and bands from many different genres and music styles. Every month I handpick the artists I feature on our Artist Spotlights and there are many artists I don’t write about but their music is listenworthy. Make sure to follow me on my SoundCloud to see my additions throughout the month!

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