For those who are familiar with Grammy winning singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, you know that this talented musician knows how to write epic hit singles whether for other artists or himself. Being a long time fan of Sheeran I have witnessed the rise of his musical artistry and there is one thing that has never changed since the day he released the life changing critical acclaimed debut album “+”, the immense talent he has sharing his personal stories through his lyrics.

Sheeran has evolved and ascended from his acoustic beginnings and has blended many different genres to what is a Ed Sheeran song. Having teased fans for a few weeks with sneak peaks of lyrics and sound clips on his social media pages. Sheeran further surprised the world by releasing not one but TWO new singles,”Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You”. Both singles show two of the many facets of this musician possesses. “Shape of You” is a pop club banger masterpiece that oozes a dreamy swagger full with a buttery vocal delivery by Sheeran backed by a song production so infectious and catchy you will have the song playing over and over until your device’s battery dies.

His other single, “Castle on the Hill,” is an epic pop ballad that contains an emotional beautiful story within the song which is layered with many vocal harmonies of himself and his amazing guitar playing. Whatever side you like of Ed Sheeran, his two new tracks provide you with a new freshness that was missing from the pop music world and leave you speechless how innovative and great musician is Ed Sheeran

Listen to the new tracks below.

Purchase “Castle on the Hill” on itunes here and “Shape of You” here

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