Welcome to our first Music Monday of 2017! I am very excited to kick off the brand new year with 2 singer-songwriters and 1 music producer who will rise with their compelling storytelling and music making gifts.

France Native Greg Dugast A.K.A. Degree is a new artist who has the potential to bring forth a new kind of innovative music with his evident music genre experimentations found on his SoundCloud page. The freshly released track “Sheltered Love” is a beautiful, raw love ode backed by mesmerizing guitar playing that oozes a sorrowful, dreamy atmosphere with colorful vocals provided by Degree. However, his previously released track, “Midnight Thunder” shows the limitless potential this artist possess. His song production is a perfect blend of intriguing and haunting. I have no doubt that with the continued excellent tracks being released, Degree will be a name you will be hearing everywhere.

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When I first heard the impressive track “Lorde Flumesworth” from Electronic Music Producer, Sam Martinsen A.K.A. Pluto, my first thoughts were that this guy was a genius to do a remix mashup of Lorde, Flume and Ryan Hemsworth. Pluto has also done electrifying remixes of Molly Moore’s “Imaginary Friends”, The Chainsmokers’ “All We Know” to heart stopping listen worthy remix of Opia’s “YDU” and has released his excellent singles “Wet” and “Genesis” late last year. It is clear throughout his collection of song remixes or created that they contain his thumping signature sound that can be described as deliciously bouncy future bass, laced with attractive and surprising beat drops. Pluto is one of the brightest music producers out there, with his amazing music making skills he will be conquering the world in no time.

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When the next artist was brought to my attention late last year, I was surprised to find out that I have heard her music before but never knew her name. New York Based Indie Pop singer-songwriter SHENNA has been around the last few years with her music being featured on TV Shows such as MTV’s “Finding Carter” to “Bad Girls Club” and has opened for fellow talented artists such as En Vogue and Carly Rae Jepson. SHENNA not only has a distinct intriguing artistic look but her music is just as beautifully complex. Her recently released sophomore album, Made Of Gold has many different sides of who SHENNA is, whether it’s the sweet and vulnerable, “Take Your Time (Acoustic)” to the commanding daydream, “Charlie Shut Up!” to her exquisite single “So Low”, they all have rare experimental gymnastics like vocals, relatable song lyrics that are backed with innovative song productions worth repeated listens to catch every beat intertwined in each song. SHENNA is an artist who steals your attention, visually and musically. She will rise and become one of the brightest indie pop artist because she is a fearless talented woman who will not compromise her art for fame.

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