Have you ever experienced a show with so much contagious love that you feel like hugging every person you see afterwards? Have you ever come out of the mesmorizing experience and feel such positive vibes and thoughts about life? Live show experiences like that are a rare thing and when they do happen they change some part of your lookout on life itself.

A few days ago, I was fortunate to attend the San Francisco tour stop of Lostboycrow and flor’s co-headlining “Feels Like Home” tour at the popular Rickshaw Stop.

As my longtime readers know, the multi talented singer Lostboycrow is on the top spot of my favorite up and coming artists who is destined for greatness. He possesses a talent so great and pure that anyone who experiences his music or live show gets smitten with his musical genius. When I heard the tour announcement that he was going on tour with the visionary band, flor, I cleared my schedule because I knew this show was going to be one of those unforgettable shows not to be missed. I was absolutely correct.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday night, the night of the show, my excitement was up to unspeakable heights, not only was I going to experience the undeniable magic of a Lostboycrow show but I was going to finally experience my first flor show.

There was quite a crowd by the time flor came on. On this night of the tour, they had the band perform their live set first and Lostboycrow last. Because of this reason, I may have a slightly different experience than the audiences in the other tour stops where it was the other way around but nonetheless, it was equally incredible.

flor came on and it was electrifying! The set was made up of new songs and hit singles from “Guarded”, “Back Again” to their freshly released “Still Standing Still,” a sparkling collaboration with Lostboycrow. The song collaboration was released (Buy it here) ahead of their sold out tour kick off in their native Oregon at the beginning of this month.

During the live performance, Lostboycrow joined flor on stage and it was powerful. A beautiful energy of pure joy erupted from all the musicians on stage. Whether you are a long time fan or a new one, what is completely clear is the genuine love all those guys have for each other. The energy they created together was life changing. You see and feel firsthand the meaning of their whole tour. The message of their mutual love and respect for each other, the way they all support each other unconditionally on and off the stage. You feel that energy creep into your heart and soon enough you have connected to that energy that is oozing love out to the audience. In that moment your worries, your problems, they all vanish and all you are left with is a immense positive feeling of belonging, feeling like you are home. If one performance can emit that, you know that what I’m talking about is pure unspeakable magic.

Throughout the show, there was witty commentary between songs courtesy of flor’s charming Guitarist, McKinley Kitts, multiple heartwarming hugs from Lostboycrow and even the beautiful shoutout flor’s lead singer, Zach Grace, gave to their bassist and producer, Dylan William, for his grammy nomination (Production contribution to Justin Bieber’s Purpose) before performing “Warm Blood”. Every single one of the members shines with their own talents, from Kyle Hill’s swagger filled drum playing, the charismatic guitar playing of Kitts, the moving and almost poetic way William plays the bass guitar to the sweet airy, rich vocals of Grace. Watching them perform their biggest hit, “Heart,” together was a real dream. Flor is a band of four immensely talented artists that together bring something visionary to the world.

Next up was Lostboycrow and if I said I was blown away in my past live experiences, I truly didn’t understand the whole meaning of it until that night. You know those moments you have when even though you know an artist is human like you and me but once that artist gets on stage it all goes out the window, you stand there and think this talented person is a dream, it’s so magical you have to pinch yourself to realize the person performing is real, with Lostboycrow I feel that way every single time.

His set was filled with magnificent surprises from having a very talented young kid getting lost to the music and danced skillfully and freely to the surprise of the audience and even Lostboycrow himself. He showed off his dancing moves during Lostboycrow’s addicting hit single, “Love Won’t Sleep” and his latest gem, “Stay a Little Longer”. He moved his body with some much joy in the front row of the stage, he was the perfect example of what a Lostboycrow song makes someone feel, happiness.

Another highlight of the night was the acoustic version of Lostboycrow’s life changing “The Lost Boy” which included a cover of Coldplay’s “Warning Sign” and he invited Zach Grace of flor to join him. The same loving energy reappeared as they harmonize their smooth vocals together except this time it gave you heart stopping chills and even a lump stuck in your throat. The song itself is a powerful poetic ode to living out your visions and dreams but to have two of the most emotion inducing singers sing the song together, it was jaw droppingly gorgeous, worthy of being recorded and added as a bonus track on an album or EP.

In all, Lostboycrow performed all his popular singles, “HiyHiy”, “Thursday”, “Powers”, “Adolescent”, “Where It All Goes” to the not yet released track, “Here and There”. The sound mixing for the night was provided by band member, Joseph Olea which was flawless as usual. The band also includes Michael Angeles who has been adding the sexy sounds of his guitar playing talents to push the live versions of the songs to the next level. The drummer, Cole Petersen not only oozes the immense joy he has playing the drums each time he plays but his electric drumming on “Where It All Goes” provides the unstoppable urge to move to the rhythm of his addictive drum beat. These guys together make the live show incredibly fun and inspiring.

Feels Like Home tour is a tour of best friends who share unconditional love for each other and for music, when together they truly feel at home. What they gave their audience was a undisguised look at what love, support and unrestricted joy feels and looks like, in turn they gave a lot more to their audience they could ever imagine…happiness and sense of belonging.

Find flor and Lostboycrow music now available to purchase here and here

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