Last weekend, I was fortunate to attend the grand finale of the ‘Summer Concerts At Union Station’ in Los Angeles. The concert series was the final of 8, free Saturday night concerts featuring upcoming and coming rising stars.

The lineup for the finale was announced a few weeks before the event and it was brilliant. The colorful lineup included the “in-your-face” Alternative rock singers, Davis and Bryce Fox, DJ sets by Val Fluery, the versatile charismatic showman, Spencer Ludwig and multi-talented smooth crooner, Lostboycrow as the headliner.

The show was not to be missed, I flew out to L.A. the day of the show. I arrived at Union Station a few hours before showtime and there were a few people already with their chairs set up in the front row.

The show kicked off with the talented L.A. based DJ/Producer, Val Fluery, who got everyone dancing with her infectious energy and immense music mixing talent.

The concert opened with Davis, singer-songwriter who makes the type of rock n roll that pushes the genre itself to the limits with his out of this world vocal range, heartfelt lyrics and musical fusions from all different musical genres, creating a sound that has never been unheard of. Davis performed his songs with a full band with so much energy, the crowd was fully enjoying it.

“Crooked Finger”

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Next up, Indie rocker, Bryce Fox came on. The crowd began cheering loudly as soon as Fox began his set. He had the crowd enamored with his glowing stage presence and ground breaking electric rock sound. Fox also came on with a full band who were enchanting the crowd with their high powered music playing. The energy soared when Fox performed his hit single, “Horns”, If you thought hearing the heart thumping electric single on your music devices was incredible, experiencing it live was life changing.



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Midway through the finale, the energy level amongst the crowd was off the charts. The next artist due up was Spencer Ludwig. There are a lot things I can say about Ludwig, (featured on our Screen Reels Music Mondays Artist Spotlight here) he is a rare artist that was born to be an entertainer. From the days when he was a member of Indie Pop Band, Capital Cities, he had this magnetic stage presence that made you stop and look at him as he played his trumpet. When I heard Ludwig was part of the lineup, I knew he was going to blow people’s minds, and he did. His live set started with a bang, performing his two marvelous new singles, “Diggy” and “Right Into U”. Immediately the crowd began dancing with Ludwig, generating this magical feeling among the audience that oozed the love and passion he has performing his art. Witnessing Ludwig’s charismatic showmanship throughout his live set was an wonderful eye-opening experience.


“Right Into U”

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The expectations were high for the show’s headliner, multi-talented artist, Lostboycrow. The L.A. based singer-songwriter is an unusual musical genius who is destined to make all his musical dreams reality. I had the privilage of getting to know Lostboycrow through my exclusive interview with him (Read here) and having featured him on the first edition of Screen Reels Music Mondays Artist Spotlights (Read here) earlier this summer. Lostboycrow is an artist that pushes the musical boundaries of what is standard and makes music so refreshing and powerful with unimaginable music experimentations. Having previously experienced Lostboycrow live, I was thrilled to hear he was headlining the grand finale. His live set went beyond my wildest expectations and left me speechless on his unbound artistry and out of the ordinary stage presence. The show featured a stunning light show often reflecting a Lostboycrow in a silhouette, while singing his powerful high notes and when he was dancing. Lostboycrow performed all his hit singles such as the beautiful “Powers/Heartless” (includes his unique live cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless”), the highly addicting “Love Won’t Sleep” to the rare stunner “Here and There”.


One of the biggest highlights was the live debut of his new song, “Verona”, the song is an exquisite, soul-captivating track that features Lostboycrow’s devastatingly heartbreaking, smooth vocals and eye popping, ‘taken to the next level’ experimental music production. The song has future hit written all over it. The connection between audience and Lostboycrow was so intense, your heart felt heavy with a magical dreamlike feeling of the pure passion he was oozing out throughout the show.


Experience additional show footage on Lostboycrow below

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