Welcome to this week’s Music Monday, I really hoped you guys have enjoyed the previous editions. This week’s music spotlights are 4 addicting, well written songs by 3 different artists and 1 trio that require multiple listens and yet the song stays glued to your mind for a day straight.

Additionally, I have also included my new monthly music picks for September at the end of the post, make sure to follow me on Sound Cloud, I will be updating through the whole month.

Washington D.C. based trio, SHAED is bringing the catchy pop hooks in full force to Alternative music. The group consists of vocalist Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Vocalists/Producers, Max and Spencer Ernst. The rising trio previously released the buzzed about single, “Just Wanna See” and the experimental beauty, “Thunder“. Their newest single, “Running Through The Fields,” is a perfect summer anthem with a mesmerizing production and energetic vocals.  Each new song released has proven that SHAED is bringing the genuine fun back to music by experimenting and overlapping different genres while making their own signature sound.

Catch SHAED on tour with Marian Hill this fall!

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Amber Mark is an New York based Singer-songwriter and producer who is bound to have a long lustrous career. Mark makes songs that are colorful like her multicultural roots. She is half -German and half-Jamaican. She traveled to the likes of Brazil, India and Nepal during her childhood and her music reflects her diverse musical influences, from the hypnotic, soulful, tribal sounding “S P A C E” to the heartbreaking, vibrant Indian influenced ode to her late mother, “Monsoon“. Her recent release, “Way Back,” is a piano driven song with sparkling vocals layered with a thumping production. The endless skill that Marks possess as a singer-songwriter and producer will allow her to capture the masses worldwide in the future.

Amber Mark’s debut EP 3:33 is set to release in October!

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There are rare times when you are an avid music listener and there is a song that makes you pause because it sounds like it was made in outer space. That is what occurred with Saya’s “Cherry Bomb”. Toronto native pop singer, Saya, first burst on the scene with Spotify Viral hit, “Wet Dreams,” earlier this year. The song was a 70s pop dream injected with feisty sass. Her recently released otherworldly second single, “Cherry Bomb,” takes her experimental sound deeper with erotic vocals, flawless production and a hook so genuinely addictive it will stay with you even after the song is over.

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San Francisco based singer-songwriter, multi -instrumentalist, James Taugher has been performing locally for awhile now. Taugher had gone by Spendthrift in the past but recently decided to go back his given name and release his first single, “My Little Lady“. The song itself is beautiful mixture of Motown and modern r&b blended with effortless soulful vocals. With Taugher’s charismatic on stage presence and passionate storytelling, I have no doubt you will keep hearing about his music.

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Here are my other honorable music recommendations of the month! Check Back for Updates!

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