Welcome to this week’s Music Monday, I really hoped you guys have enjoyed the previous editions (see here & here). This week’s music spotlights are 3 unique, gifted individuals from different spectrums of the music industry, bringing their own perfectly seasoned sound to the masses.

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Canada’s singer-songwriter, Shawn Mendes is one of the brightest, sparkling stars out in the music industry right now. With humble beginnings on Social Platform, Vine, Mendes exploded on the scene with his 6 second renditions of many popular songs such as 5 Seconds of Summer’s “She Looks So Perfect“, Ed Sheeran’s “Dont” to The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey”, “leading him to his first major label record deal with Island Records.

Mendes released his first full length album “Handwritten” which produced the monster hit,”Stitches“. After opening for pop singer, Taylor Swift on her highly successful 1989 world tour, Mendes announced his new album “Illuminate” and his first headlining tour for 2016.

Freshly-released new emotional single, “Three Little Words” is a tenderhearted breakup song, painted with an dreamy acoustic guitar riff. Mendes’s vocal range show a vast colorful potential of growth and experience at such a young age. Armed with his boyish good looks, multi-layered otherworldly vocals and indisputable guitar playing skills, he will keep enamoring young kids and mature adults alike for years to come.

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Nick Waterhouse might not seem familiar to most people, but if you have walked inside a Starbucks in the past two years, you probably have heard his music playing in the background while waiting to get your coffee. California born, Waterhouse is multifaceted singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer that brings you a modern take on 50’s R&B with a pinch of 60’s soul, all blended deliciously with Jazz and American Rock n Roll.

Waterhouse started his musical journey a few years back, as a songwriter and guitarist for band “Intelligista”, to becoming involved in the DJ music scene in San Francisco in his late teens. By 2010, Waterhouse recorded and self released his debut single, “Some Place” and it quickly went on high demand all over the underground music scene in the U.S. and Europe. Since then, Waterhouse has released the two astonishing critically acclaimed albums, 2012’s “Time’s All Gone” and 2014’s “Holly“.

He recently announced a new album “Never Think” out September 30, which features new bluesy fantasy single, “It’s Time“. The stunning musical number is layered with heavy Jazzy drums, skyrocketing vocals, finished with funky, soaring guitar riffs.
Do yourself a favor and check out the future smash single below:




In every generation, there are a few musicians that emerge with endless potential that can become iconic, one of those musicians I’m referring to is named Spencer Ludwig. His name might sound familiar, remember the electro Indie pop band “Capital Cities“? They had the highly popular hit single “Safe and Sound” in 2012?, Ludwig is the trumpet player.

With his LA based roots, Ludwig taught himself how to play various instruments in his early years, but he choose to perfect his learning of playing the Trumpet, he went on to study Jazz at the California Institute of The Arts. Since then Ludwig has performed with band, “Capital Cities” and side project “Ludwig & Stiegler Co“. Ludwig recently released his first two singles as a solo artist and let me tell you, they are funky!

Right Into U” starts off with his sensual trumpet playing for the first few seconds before the song jumps into a marvelous disco dance party that will have you jumping out of your seat immediately. His other equally impressive single, “Diggy” starts off with Ludwig hyping you up with those sweet, buttery whispers while the smooth beat is slowly coming in with the sizzling trumpet warning you that you are in for a wild sexy ride. The song oozes swagger reminiscent of Prince and Michael jackson but Ludwig makes it his own with experimental intriguing vocals and limitless musically artistry. He is an artist that not only has the potential to be as great as he wants to be, he has endless charisma and improvisational spontaneity while performing that bleeds into all the music, he creates.

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