A new season of Arrow brings a new villain.

DC has developed a formula for the hooded vigilante where they pit Oliver Queen with a new enemy each season. Season 4 is no different. During the show’s panel at Comic Con it was announced that Arrow will be going up against a new archer adversary named Prometheus.

Now that Oliver is mayor he will lean heavily on Thea to help him run the city while he tries to rebuild what remains of Team Arrow. New show members include Madison McLaughlin, who will reprise her role as Evelyn Sharp, Rick Gonzalez, who will play Wild Dog, and Echo Kellum back as Curtis Holt.

Excecutive producer Marc Guggenheim said the following about Felicity Smoak’s new sidekick: “We’ve got some pretty big plans for Curtis, especially with respect to his marriage. He wants to become a vigilante. He wants to start fighting crime. He’s got his husband at home who is probably going to start to notice he’s coming home with bruises and cuts. That’s going to raise some questions.”

Meanwhile Felicity is dealing with mixed emotions as she and Oliver are still not back together. Diggle, while still in Special Forces continues trying to come to terms with the events of Season 4. Fan will be thrilled to know that fan favorite Katie Cassidy will be returning this season. How considered she was killed last season? That remains to be seen but Cassidy will return for the season premiere, and the Berlantis has struck a deal for her to appear across Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. This is probably possible thanks to the ripple effect of the Flashpoint timeline from The Flash.

Also of note is Arrow’s 100th episode falling during the four-way crossover between The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, which will be a three-parter, the middle episode of which is the landmark hour.

Arrow returns Wednesday, October 5 on The CW. Meanwhile take a look at the teaser trailer for Season 6 below.

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