The latest young adult book adaptation will be dropping in theaters this July and Lionsgate has been promoting non stop all over the world wide web. Fitting as Nerve is based on the premise that you are either a Watcher or a Player in an online game.

Teens are given the chance to win great prizes, only if they have the Nerve to compete some challenges. The catch? Everyone’s watching. The challenges are broadcast over the internet as Watchers rate each Player as they complete their tasks. Sounds simple enough but as the Players get closer and closer to the final challenge the tasks get harder and more dangerous. How far will the game makers take things and to what lengths will the players go to win…or survive.

Thanks to Lionsgate we have the opportunity to debut a brand new clip from the film titled “We dare You!”

Check it out below and let us now, are you a Watcher or a Player?




Nerve hits theaters July 27.

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