It’s been 20 years since the first alien invasion on Earth and even though we came out victorious, looks like they are back for vengeance.

In the sequel to 1996’s blockbuster success Earth is alive and thriving but it seems that the mistakes of he past are back to haunt them. The studio has released a 5 minute long trailer were we see a lot of old friends return, including motivational speaker aka former President Whitmore.

The sequel makes sure to give its dues to its predecessor citing to a “pulse emoted” from the alien ship confiscated by Will Smith’s character which turns out to have been a call for help. Now, 20 years later, help has arrived with a vengeance. “We had 20 years to prepare and so did they” reads the tag line in the trailer. Now, a generation with the mentality of superiority and belief in their ability to win will be tested as their world as they know it is changed.

Check out the extended trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence below before it arrives in theaters June 23rd.

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