Oliver Queen has been having a tough time defeating Damien Darhk both as himself and his vigilante alter ego. How can a man fight something not human? Well, how bout fun tintype supernatural with something or someone also supernatural?

In tonight’s episode Arrow calls on a former friends for help, someone who knows a bit about having powers out of the normal. Not the Flash but Vixen. After all, sometimes it takes a woman’s touch to get the job done.

Things are complicated further as Oliver is notified by Darhk himself that he has taken William hostage. Who is William you ask (as does Felicity)? None other than Oliver’s secret son. Looks likely the secret is out and now Team Atrow must fight together to find William and save the city. Oliver is in for an interesting night as his past and future collide. Did we forget to mention William’s mom is the girl he cheated on Laurel with back in the day and whom he’s keep a secret form his fiancé Felicity? What a tangle web you’ve weaved yourself into Oliver!

Take a peek at stills and clips form tonight’s episode of Arrow titled “Taken” (wheres Liame Neissen when you need him?)





Arrow 4×15 “Taken” – Oliver (Stephen Amell) realizes he needs help battling Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) so he calls in an old friend – Vixen (guest star Megalyn E.K.). Using her magical ability to summon animal powers, Vixen gets a lock on Darhk’s location and the team goes to war. Meanwhile, Thea (Willa Holland) has a heart-to-heart talk with Malcolm (John Barrowman).

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