Adele fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating her first TV special in years. Adele Live In New York City (One Night Only) is set to air on NBC Monday, December 14 at 10 PM and the network as released some teasers to ramp up the interest. As id it was needed.

Adele has been breaking record ever since she announced her return to the music scene. Breaking records for the music video for “Hello’ and going ton to top the charts once 25 dropped. Not only did she sell over 3 million albums in her first week (shattering the 15 year long record held by NSync’s No Strings Attached) but is also the first artist to sell over 1 million albums on her second week of sales for 25.

Filmed a few weeks back, NBC will air the one night only appearance from New York’s Radio City Music Hall. After years of waiting, all the fans have one thing to say to Adele…”Hello from the other side.”

Take a look at some of the tasers below wich feature some of the interview that will be shown in between musical performances.

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