Legends of Tomorrow has been in the works for the past few months, as early on as Flash June where the first teaser was shown at Comic COn. Back then there was nothing to tease really, just shots pieced together from current faves like Arrow and newcomer The Flash. Skip forward to late November and The CW finally has some official footage to show the fans.

Why the long wait you ask? Well, if you recall, most of the heroes and villains in Legends had their introductions on Arrow and The Flash so viewers needed something that made them feel attached. The needed a reason to follow this rag tag group of people to a new storyline. Take The Canary for instance, Sara Lance was dead when it was announced that her character would be a front runner on Legends. How would this be possible? Her resurrection was explained in season 4 of Arrow and she was just “written off” that show to enter this new plot. Sam could be said for Captain Cold, F.I.R.E Storm and The ATOM who are all characters that have run their course on Arrow and The Flash.

That’s not to say we eon’t be seeing them in STAR City or Central City as these superhero shows tent to thrive (in ratings and fan increase) whenever they have crossover episodes. One of which is set to happen next week between Arrow and Flash where we will be introduced to the main villain from Legends of Tomorrow.

For now, take a peek at the action packed new trailer for Legends of Tomorrow where we get a better look at the characters and the roles they will play in the series while we wait for the January 2016 debut of the show on The CW. (Don’t miss the not so subtle mention of the upcoming Batman vs Superman film with the use of the line “I’ve seen men of steel and dark knights fall…”)

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