Selelectioneers will be excited to see the brand new cover for the follow up to Kiera Cass’ The Heir.

The Crown, which folows Eadlyn’s search for her king on her own section, has just received its brand new cover!

Speaking with Yahoo Cass had the following to say about the new cover:

“I think the purple of The Crown goes well with the gray of The Heir, making the two stories look like they go together,” Cass says. “I also really like Eadlyn’s pose. I think she looks super strong, which suits her. She’s one tough girl”

Kiera Cass will go on a book tour to promote The Crown, which hits shelves on May 3, 2016. This fifth novel will pick up where The Heir left off: 20 years after Prince Maxon’s Selection and disbanding of the caste system. Now his daughter, Princess Eadlyn, faces her own slew of suitors while her country is on the brink of civil war.

Cass also shared some possible movie updates. As many fans of the series recall, it was first pushed as a tv series for The CW but Cass was not happy with the concept. “For me, it’s all about the characters. So when I got the final incarnation of the TV script, and those characters had been made unrecognizable, I was crushed,” she says. “I feel much more confident in the team this time around, and I’m looking forward to seeing where everything goes.”

What does this mean, well, In April, Warner Bros. announced they were developing the first book as a film, and had hired Black List writer Katie Lovejoy to adapt it. “I have read the first draft of the script, and I’m very happy with the direction they’re heading in,” Cass says. “[Katie and I] had a long conversation about the story and points that we thought the fans would consider must-haves. I tried to casually ask around about that, and everything they mentioned were things Katie was already taking into account. It’s one of those things that can fall apart at any minute, but if it makes it to the screen, I think the readers will be happy.“

Here’s to seeing a faithful film adaptation of one of our most beloved series!

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