The Deeper You Go. The Darker It Gets.

Lionsgate Entertainment has released an exclusive look at the highly-anticipated new action-thriller, Sicario, with a teaser poster and first look images. The drama is set to debut at the Cannes Film Festival this month, and it follows FBI agent Kate (Emily Blunt) and her conflicting journey that descends into the intrigue, corruption and moral mayhem of the borderland drug wars. This powerful film was directed by the notable Denis Villeneuve and features a kick-ass cast including, Academy Award® winner Benicio del Toro, Golden Globe Award® winner Emily Blunt, Academy Award® nominee Josh Brolin along with Jon Bernthal, and Emmy Award® nominee Victor Garber.

Check out the new teaser poster and images below, and gear up for September 18, 2015 when Sicario begins releasing in select theaters, then nationwide September 25, 2015.





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