Things are heating up in the Hampton’s as Emily tries to fid answers to her father’s missing years. What had he been doing? Who are his enemies? Why won’t David let him help. On the other hand, Nolan is trying to mend his friendship with southern socialite and mentally unstable Louise after damaging it in order to get Margoux’ help to fix his damaged reputation which was shattered by David Clarke himself.

“I owe you an apology.” “You owe me a reputation,” where the tense word exchanged between mentor and former protige as David seeks Nolan’s help in dissuading Emily from digging into his past. Unbeknownst to both, Emily has been indeed digging and may have some answers as she learns that there is a possible dirty FBI agent working with David’s nemesis.

In Sunday’s all new episode Nolan and Louise bring some Southern charm to the Hampton’s where Jack introduces his current flame (a possibly dirty agent) to Emily and David lets, once again, asks her to let things be as they are part of a “bigger plan.”

Take a look at some preview clips and stills from Sunday’s all new episode titled “Atonement” where by the end of the night, someone will die.

Nobody does death like Revenge.




Official Synopsis:
Revenge 4×10 “Atonement” – Jack is torn between Emily and the new woman in his life, while Nolan and Louise bring Southern charm to East Hampton.

Revenge airs Sunday night at 10 pm on ABC.

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