The season 3 Arrow premiere ended with a shock as we saw Sara Lance get shot with two arrows and plummet off a building to her death which was witnessed by her sister Laurel who cradled her in her arms and screamed.

Episode 2 will pay homage to Oliver’s long time ally and love interest as well as usher in the evolution of Laurel as she later takes on the role of Black Canary.

The promo gives us chills as we see the Lance’s mourn, hear Oliver’s decision to hunt down whoever did this as well as stating that he has no time to mourn because as he puts it, “if I grieve nobody else gets to.”

What’s more emotional is Felicity and Oliver’s voice over: “Our friend was shot with an arrow and fell off a rooftop.” “I don’t have the luxury of falling to pieces.” “But this is Sara, your Sara.”

Watch the action packed teaser below and see the episode tonight at 8 pm on the CW.

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