Finally, one studio flinched, and it was Warner Bros: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit theaters on March 25, 2016.

Ever since it was announced months ago that both Batman v Superman and Captain America 3 would be released on May 6, 2016, the industry had been waiting to see which of the two studios would blink first and move their movie to a different date. Even though both Marvel and WB stated in several occasions that none of them had intentions of changing the release date, today it was finally Warner Bros. who decided to avoid a box office showdown.

The new March date is an interesting move from Warner, but it is not unheard of. A release on the same month helped Lionsgate kick off its The Hunger Games franchise to great success in 2012, and they did it again this year when they released Divergent on March 21. In fact, the third installment in the Divergent series, Allegiant – Part 1, will hit theaters the weekend before the new Batman v Superman release date.

Additionally, the studio announced nine new untitled DC films that have now taken up dates that go all the way to the year 2020. The line-up is as follows:

Untitled DC Film – 08/05/16
Untitled DC Film – 06/23/17
Untitled DC Film – 11/17/17
Untitled DC Film – 03/23/18
Untitled DC Film – 07/27/18
Untitled DC Film – 04/05/19
Untitled DC Film – 06/14/19
Untitled DC Film – 04/03/20
Untitled DC Film – 06/19/20

Warner Bros. is expecting to be able to expand their superhero properties in a similar way as Marvel did with its Avengers films. We expect the dates above to begin to fill up in the following months with the names of some of the best known superheroes from the DC universe.

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