Two weeks away from the release of The Silkworm a two-chapter excerpt has been shared online via the author’s website. The novel is the sequel to last year’s The Cuckoo’s Calling and was penned by Robert Galbraith, the crime-writing pseudonym of J.K. Rowling.

The two chapters were first published on today’s issue of The Times of London for UK fans, followed by USA Today sharing the excerpt for US readers. It didn’t take long for the preview to be shared by its author, and can now be read here.

The 12-page preview finds private investigator Cormoran Strike meeting up with a journalist at 6 in the morning to pass along some evidence that will put certain member of the House of Lords in a huge tax evasion scandal. He then heads to his office/apartment, where we encounter his assistant Robin Ellacott, to deal with the appointments of the day.

The Silkworm, which hits book shelves on June 19th, has been caught up in the middle of a battle between online retailer Amazon and publisher Hachette. Amazon is asking for a bigger revenue share from digital book sales, and since Hachette refuses, the online giant has been delaying deliveries of the publisher’s books and has stopped receiving pre-orders of upcoming releases, including Galbraith’s The Silkworm. In a statement last week, Amazon said they were “not optimistic that this will be resolved soon” and encouraged customers to purchase the book “from one of our competitors.”

The author has responded to the suggestion with the following tweet:

We encourage our readers to take this opportunity to support independent bookstores and get the book your local store. Many of them are already taking pre-orders!

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